Specializing in Super 8, Regular 8mm and 16mm
Film to Digital Transfers

For over 60 years people shot their home movies on motion picture film, whether it be Super 8, Regular 8mm or 16mm. These films contain countless memories and are valued cultural documents of the recent past.
Photoplays is dedicated to breathing new life into 8mm and 16mm films, so they can be watched on DVD, digitally edited or posted on YouTube and shared with new generations.


Film to Digital Process

All film is cleaned and transferred direct to hard drive using a custom built telecine chain equipped with a 3 chip MiniDv camera.
There is no flicker, no hot spot and film grain is focused evenly from corner to corner.
A wetgate option is available for film with excessive dust or base scratches.
Once the film is in a digital format the footage is edited and colour corrected. Title cards, transitions and chapter points are added. Customized soundtracks and commentary tracks can be added.
We also provide a digital master on hard drive or data dvd.

Mitch Perkins is the co-founder of Photoplays and our telecine technician. He has over 20 years experience working with small gauge film formats and is the inventor of SuperDuper8 – a widescreen 8mm film format.

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Click to watch a sample of our film transfers
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  • Super 8 Film SampleSuper 8mm Film 1960s
  • 16mm Film Sample16mm 1940s
  • Damaged Regular 8mm Film SampleRegular 8mm 1940s
  • Regular 8mm Film SampleRegular 8mm 1960s
  • Regular 8mm Film SampleRegular 8mm 1920s
  • Super 8 Film SampleSuper 8 1960s
  • Super8Super 8 2000s
  • SuperDuper8 - Sleep AlwaysSuperDuper8
  • 16mm Negative16mm Negative

Transfer your video tapes to digital before they disappear.

We transfer various tape formats to Dvd or to .avi files
Hi8  8mm and Digital8
Tape repairs are available.


If you require Video Editing we are available.

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We are available by appointment
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844A Bloor St. West
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Toronto, ON
M6G 1M2



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Great looking Super 8, Super Duper 8 and 16mm film transfers for your film projects.

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